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Top Rated Squid Recipes

Grilling squid may sound daunting, but it’s surprisingly easy, and totally deliciousThis recipe is courtesy of Jamie Oliver.


Squid recipes

Squid are so versatile. They need cooking either super quick or long and slow if they’re not to turn rubbery but within those strictures lend themselves to a wealth of possibilities. Explore our Great Italian Chefs’ squid recipes to get the most of your cephalopods.

Pasta is a natural partner and Viviana Varese’s Spaghettini with squid, clams and lemon is an elegant take on this classic combination. Or the eyecatching black, red and white of Rosanna Marziale’s Squid ink pasta with mussels, mozerella puree and baked cherry tomatoes makes for a dramatic plateful.

Kept whole, squid form a natural pocket which lends itself beautifully to stuffing, as in Ernesto Iaccarino’s stuffed squid recipe with provolone and ricotta, and they fry well too. Simple calamari rings are always delicious or try Grazia Soncini’s take on Fritto misto using fish from the Adriatic.

Squid recipes

Cooking with squid is quick and easy. Whether you buy it whole or portioned into rings, calamari can be fried, braised or barbecued in no time.

Simmered squid

This dish of calamari in red wine, fennel, rosemary and tomatoes is perfect served as a tapa or simply with rice or new potatoes

Tempura squid

Roy Brett's crunchy tempura squid makes a great sharing dish. You can prep your squid in advance and keep it in the fridge until you're ready

Squid, chickpea & chorizo salad

Found in every ocean, squid is the most widely available seafood in the world and one of the cheapest. This works well on the barbecue, too

Crispy squid with capers

A hint of garlic mayo makes everything that little bit more delicious, and this crisp calamari is no exception

Squid, prawn & chickpea nduja stew

Adapt this flavourful stew based on the seafood you have. British squid is cheap, sustainable and underused, while Nduja is a spicy, spreadable salami

Squid with brandy & cream

This dish is fabulously rich and delicious, and would go well with some buttered rice

Crispy squid with caponata

Squid is cheap, plentiful, quick to cook, and delicious with the classic Italian vegetable dish, caponata

Quick salt & pepper squid

Serve up aromatic squid in just 2 minutes on the griddle

Chilli & lime squid salad

James Martin's sensational starter is sure to impress dinner party guests - marinate the squid overnight, then sear just before serving over avocado and rocket

Squid, samphire & pea salad

A seafood salad using dressed calamari rings and samphire, a green coastal plant that tastes of the ocean

This recipe is an inspiration by Olivia, our third born. It was her 20th birthday yesterday and this was the meal that our Ladybird requested. As is the custom in our house, the birthday girl/boy picks the meal for their birthday dinner.


Olivia would probably be our biggest and most adventurous when it comes to food. She loves to cook and she is always coming up with new ideas for meals. We love to talk about food and she is a great sounding board when we are talking about a new recipe.

Olivia’s Banana Peanut Butter Cookies

We have talked about Olivia before, and she is such a natural in the kitchen and is right at home. If you haven’t tried her Banana Peanut Butter Cookies, you need to try them, it is a great recipe and not too many ingredients.

Oh well, back to today’s recipe, we had a great evening with family and friends celebrating Olivia and our menu was enjoyed by all.

The Menu

On the menu last night…Strip Steaks, Salad, Pasta (Gluten-Free) and our Feature Recipe today the Squid with Roasted Tomatoes and Onions. Now you could put this over the pasta or eat it without the pasta (some of us were staying away from pasta so this worked out well for us).

The Steaks are pretty straightforward…we seasoned them and then grilled them..

The Salad was also pretty simple some lettuce and I added some olives and blue cheese. I used some Balsamic Vinegar, Olive oil and Salt and Pepper. I also added some of our favorite Greek Seasoning from Penzey’s Spices (see link below). I love when we have this in the house and I use it all the time on my salads.

We just put some olive oil, butter and Parmesan cheese on the pasta, then everyone was free to eat it as it was or add some of the Squid and Tomatoes if they wanted.

As for our feature recipe, the Squid with Roasted Tomatoes and Onions…In preparing this dish we seeded the tomatoes, but left as much of the flesh as we could. Seeds can leave a bitter taste so it is best to remove as many as you can.

We coated the onions and tomatoes with olive oil. The onions will expel a lot of moisture, so we will not add too much additional liquid to this gravy (sauce).

A little tip, Roger cut the onions for me and they were beyond potent, as he stood there sobbing and cutting, I saw he was wearing food safe latex gloves. The reasoning is simple, when your eyes water and itch you tend to rub them with your hands. The residue on your hands from the onions only makes it worse. So take the gloves off, rub your eyes, toss on a new pair and continue.

1. Arròs negre – squid ink rice

As executive chef of the Barrafina group of restaurants in London, Angel Zapata Martin is a guiding light when it comes to next-level Spanish tapas in the UK, and his stunning arròs negre is an ever-popular dish on the menu. Angel sautés diced cuttlefish and spring onion, then toasts the rice before gently cooking in sherry, squid ink and shellfish bisque. The result is a rich rice dish, where the salinity of the squid ink marries perfectly with the sautéed baby squid and punchy all i oli served on top.

Best Squid Ceviche (Simple Recipe)

I posted this (sort of) in the previous post, but since the recipe is so hard to get to (in the link to the original magazine article) we, decided to give this beautiful dish its own post, which it very much deserves (because it is really that good).

Squid Ceviche (Simple Seafood Salad Recipe)

Ceviche is an appetizer in which you may use raw shrimp, snapper, hammour (grouper) scallops, squid, octopus, crab, tuna, salmon, and mahi-mahi. Only very fresh seafood should be used for this dish because it is usually “cooked” with the action of the acid in the lime marinade. In this case, I blanched the squid but there is no need to do so with shrimp, fish and scallops. You may also add diced tomatoes and capsicum (bell peppers) if you so desire. You know us, we like to keep things simple.


1kg fresh squid cut into rings

1tbsp sunflower or peanut oil

3-4 tbsp chopped fresh coriander leaves (or just a big handful)

2 Serrano chillies (one seeded), both minced

Pinch of granulated sugar

1 clove garlic sliced in two

In a mixing bowl, thoroughly combine all of the ingredients except the squid. Set aside. Bring a pot of water to boil. Put your colander in the sink and prepare another mixing bowl with an ice bath to the side. Wash squid. When water starts to boil, blanch squid for no more than 1 minute. Remove immediately from heat and pour in colander in sink to get rid of the hot water. Empty the squid immediately in cold bath to stop the cooking process and let cool for 5-10 minutes. Drain in colander. Remove the garlic pieces from marinade. Add squid to marinade and combine put in an airtight container and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Serve as an appetizer in fancy digestive glasses or martini glasses.

CHEF’S NOTE: Serrano chillies may be found in Spinneys, Galerie Lafayette and Lulu’s, Barsha. It has a very distinct balance of heat and flavour so substitution is tricky if you want to remain authentic. You could use other chillies used in Latin American cuisine like jalapenos if in a bind.

Here are some important steps to follow.

Step 1. Make Marinara Sauce

  • First, sauté garlic just until fragrant
  • After that, add white wine and cook until the liquid is reduced to about half the quantity.
  • Next, add clam juice, tomatoes, and Italian seasoning. Cook until the sauce is reduced and thickened (enough sauce to cover the cooked pasta, about 1½ cups).
  • Last, add fresh squid. Cook over low heat until very tender for about 20-25 minutes. Do not allow to boil.

Step 2. Cook Pasta

In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook the pasta for about 2 minutes less than the direction for al dente (cooked through but still firm). Drain the pasta well and return it to the pot.

Easy Squid Pasta With Marinara Sauce

Step 3. Combine All Ingredients

First, you need to remove the cooked squid from the marinara sauce. Add molto al dente pasta (slightly under cooked) to the sauce and cook for 2 minutes. Add the squid back into the sauce. Stir to combine.

1. To make the spiced salt, heat a small frying pan over medium-high heat and add the salt. Stir for 30 seconds, just to warm, and remove from the heat. Transfer to a small mortar and pestle, and add the pepper to crush, mixing well.

2. Combine all the batter ingredients and half a cup of cold water in a large bowl. Dip the squid pieces in the cornflour and sprinkle with half the spiced salt, then add squid to the batter.

3. In a wok with a thermometer on the side, heat the oil to 180 degrees. Gently place the squid in the hot oil and move around with chopsticks to stop the pieces from sticking together. Fry for a couple of minutes until golden brown, remove from the oil and place on a plate with kitchen paper to drain.

4. Quickly but carefully pour the oil off into a stainless-steel container, place wok back on the heat and add two tablespoons of oil, add the garlic, ginger and spring onion and fry for a moment then add the drained squid and toss around with remaining salt. Remove from the wok to a plate and garnish with sprigs of coriander.

Cleaning the Squid

On a side note, squid does not need to be used in this dish. Despite the name saying “squid luau” many people interchange the squid for tako (octopus), beef, or chicken.

To prepare the squid is quite easy and fun if you like to get your hands a little dirty. First you’ll need to remove the head from the body of the squid. When you do remove the parts, the innards will also string along the body. Be careful to not press too hard on the guts because it will contain the ink sack. Remove the plastic cartilage from the head of the squid and remove any other leftover guts in the head. Lastly, remove the thin colored skin from the head. I like to remove the skin so the squid isn’t too chewy and tough. Then rip off the two flaps on the head and proceed to cut the head and flaps into smaller pieces.

For the body or tentacle part, remove the beak or mouth of the squid by cutting just below the eyes of the squid. Then simply cut the tentacles into smaller pieces.

Food52's Best Squid or Octopus Recipe

The web site food52 asks home cooks to submit their best recipes to weekly contests that determine which will make it into their second forthcoming cookbook. Each week we feature the contests' finalists. Check out the recipes, go vote, and connect our passionate food community with theirs.

We're sharing the best home cook-submitted recipes from food52's latest contest. This week, the theme is "Your Best Best Squid or Octopus Recipe." Who have New York Times food writers Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs chosen as their food52 finalists this time around? Find out below, then go vote to help pick the winners.

#1 Quick Wok-Fired Squid with Greens by wildgreens

What Hesser and Stubbs say :We had never had squid prepared this way before, and now we wonder why. The clean, Southeast Asian flavors (ginger, garlic, lime juice, chile, fish sauce, basil) make great counterpoints to the pleasantly chewy squid, and the tingling heat keeps you wanting more.

See the second entry after the jump.

#2 Sweet & Spicy Calamari by SouffleBombay

What Hesser and Stubbs say : We loved SouffleBombay's technique of soaking the squid in club soda before dredging them in seasoned flour--it seemed to firm up the rings--in a pleasant way--before frying. The crisp coating is thin and delicate, swaddling the squid like a silk scarf rather than a wooly muffler

Watch the video: Thai Food - PURPLE SQUID Stir Fry Aoywaan Bangkok Seafood Thailand


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