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DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Hungry

DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Hungry

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Photo Courtesy of Sarah Hearts

You're never too old to dress up for Halloween—especially when your costume is the perfect fit for a foodie.


Photo Courtesy of Studio DIY

Forget those store-bought costumes that are always overpriced and overused. We've rounded up a collection of our favorite DIY foodie costumes from around the web so you can have the most unique costume at the Halloween party.

First up: That yellow dress that’s been hanging in your closet can finally be broken out on October 31st. Pair with a little green construction paper headdress to complete your look. Get the entire DIY Pineapple Costume instructions at Studio DIY.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Photo Courtesy of Shanna Cooper

If your last name ends in a vowel and you know the difference between parmesan and pecorino, then we have the perfect costume for you! Turn your body into an Italian classic with this tutorial from blogger Neon Rattail.

French Macaron

Photo Courtesy of Studio DIY

This costume idea from Studio DIY is just as sweet as the real thing. It requires a little extra work, but I think we can all agree that the adorableness is well worth the effort. Find out how to recreate your favorite Parisian treat at Studio DIY.

Jelly Beans

Photo Courtesy of Modern Kiddo

You’re a clear plastic trash bag away from becoming your favorite bag of candy. Get the how-to on making this quick and easy jelly bean costume from Just be careful of any sharp edges.

H/t to Alix at for the photo. Find more fun homemade Halloween costumes for kids at


Photo Courtesy of Studio DIY

Be careful nobody takes a bite out of your costume if you decide to go this route—you may look absolutely irresistible. Check out how to get this look by using a pool inner tube, spray paint, and some foam hair curlers at Studio DIY.


Photo: William Yao/Courtesy of Chungry Girl

All you need is a pillow, some felt, and a little bit of glue to turn yourself into a piece of your favorite Japanese meal. Get the tutorial for this DIY Sushi Costume.

Morton Salt Girl

Photo Courtesy of

We've found the perfect costume regardless of age. If you have a yellow dress and an umbrella handy then you are only a few steps away from being our favorite sodium queen. All you need now is that iconic blue tin and you’re the perfect addition to any meal...or Halloween party.

H/t to Gina Lee for the fun photo of her daughter Willow. Find more fun costume ideas by following @ginalee on Instagram.


Photo Courtesy of Sarah Hearts

Go as your favorite condiment this Halloween with a homemade t-shirt and hat that are easy to put together in a moment's notice. The how-to comes from blogger Sarah Hearts who recommends adding sriracha to your roasted pumpkin seeds. We're in!

Watch the video: Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes!


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