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24-Year-Old Catches 7-Foot, 222-Pound Halibut During Fishing Trip

24-Year-Old Catches 7-Foot, 222-Pound Halibut During Fishing Trip

He took some pictures with his catch, and then let it go ‘to fight another day’

The fish had to be tied to the boat just so he could share a photo with his temporary captor.

Erik Axner, a 24-year-old Swedish fisherman, was on a fishing trip with friends in the waters near Norway's Lofoten Islands when he caught a seven-foot-long halibut weighing 222 pounds.

Axner, who fought the fish for more than an hour before subduing it, had to get in the water just to take a photo with the enormous sea creature. He then released the fish back into the wild.

“It could have been a five-kilogram fish [approximately 11 pounds] when the float went down, but when I set the hook I knew it was big,” Axner told The Daily Mail. “The fish was so powerful that it took me an hour to get the better of it. By the time I got the fish to the boat my arms were aching and my back was pretty tired as well.”

A 513-pound halibut is believed to be the largest such fish ever caught, so Axner didn’t break any records, but that’s still pretty exciting for a casual fishing trip with a few friends.