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Pastai Brings Homemade Pasta to Chelsea

Pastai Brings Homemade Pasta to Chelsea

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Try pasta made right in front of you for dinner or a late-night snack

Jane Bruce

Watch the action on 9th avenue as you snack on homemade pasta.

Coming to New York City's Chelsea neighborhood this week is a new artisan pasta bar from the owner of Flatiron Sicilian spot Eolo, Melissa Muller Daka. For the new restaurant, chef Daka took inspiration from her childhood spent watching her mother and grandmother make homemade pasta. Photos of her family adorn the walls to reinforce the authentic Italian feel.

The restaurant's pasta, and antipasto, is prepared behind glass cases, so patrons can watch as the chefs put together their meals. The menu will change monthly, based on what’s seasonal and available locally, and the herb garden in the backyard will provide herbs for dishes, as well as house-infusions for their specialty cocktails.

Pasta will be the specialty of Pastai, but they’ll also have a cold antipasto bar, as well as breakfast and pasta available for late-night dining. For breakfast, they’ll offer traditional Italian items such as cornetti and polenta.

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