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Chicago’s Wiener’s Circle Creates 3-Inch Hot Dog in Honor of Donald Trump, the ‘Trump Footlong’

Chicago’s Wiener’s Circle Creates 3-Inch Hot Dog in Honor of Donald Trump, the ‘Trump Footlong’

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Donald Trump’s speeches often inspire voters. In this case, he inspired a very special menu item at The Wiener's Circle

We guarantee you there’s no problem with this footlong.

The Wiener’s Circle, the infamous Chicago hot dog stand where employees get their kicks by throwing insults at customers, is honoring Donald Trump with his very own menu item — the Trump Footlong, which features “three inches of the best tasting, most flavorful beef you’ve ever had.”

”In case you’ve missed the recent Republican debates, Trump brought a new level of crudeness to the presidential race when he questioned the size of Marco Rubio’s manhood, and then made a point to clarify that he, The Donald, had no such issue. “I guarantee you there's no problem,” Trump said. “I guarantee it.”

Despite his confident self-assessment, however, Trump can’t control his impressions on pop culture. Wiener’s Circle employees are also wearing hats that say “Make Wieners Great Again,” another nod to the wispy-haired candidate’s campaign slogan.

The Trump special, which is exactly the same as a Chicago dog except for its diminutive size, is available for just $2.69 this Friday through Sunday. A Trump Package, with two “footlongs,” fries, and a drink goes for $8.30, and the Super PAC — four wieners, fries, and a drink, can be yours for $12.56.

Don't be a loser! Put a foot in your mouth, trump style! Trump footlongs: 3 inches of premium tubesteak, no problems

— The Wiener's Circle (@DOGSnSHAKES) March 11, 2016

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